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Protection of endangered livestock breeds in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Page is initited because of a common feeling that the current state of conservation programms and support systems should be established, documented and analysed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The native breeds, in addition to being a source of genetic diversity for livestock production, constitute a part of the national heritage and provide for local community identity. The long-term survival of native breeds is not only a matter of insurance for the future needs of agriculture development; there conservation is a matter of protecting and cherishing cultures and traditions and helping to sustain local communities.

In most European countries, farmers keeping in situ endangered local breed are supported directly by the state, or in the case of most of the 28 EU Member States by agri-environmental programms within Natinal Rural Development Programms. The impact of the subsidies provided for in situ conservatin on population size and structure of breeds covered by these measures also differ and needed to be examined. In many countries, support provided for in-situ conservation has a relatively short history. Therefore, it was important to find out if breeds included in-situ conservation programms were able to strengthen and further develop what is needed to facilitate their sustainability in the longer term in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Native breeds should be obligation  as public goods and their long term conservation an obligation of the state.

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