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Looking for funds for a research project?

The EuFMD provides support for small applied research projects that are relevant to the technical issues that are seen as priorities of the EuFMD member states.

The funding has a 50,000 € per study/project ceiling, enabling some five grants to the maximum amount in 2017, with a further call expected in late 2017 for disbursement in 2018-19.


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The Thematic priorities for this call


Theme 1: Tools to assist modelling: focus on estimating confidence in disease freedom using post-outbreak surveillance in vaccinated populations.

Theme 2: Impact calculators: extending these to estimate impacts of vaccination-to-live scenarios and business continuity planning.

Theme 3: Tools to manage FMD in wildlife: issues highlighted by the requirement to prove freedom from disease of wildlife.

Theme 4: Methodologies for rapid evaluation of vaccine stability.

Theme 5: Optimising the use of bulk tank milk for FMD surveillance.

Theme 6: Testing of biosafe transport methods for transport of FMDV RNA to international reference centres.

The calendar


  Funding available Invitation to apply Closing Date Announcement of Results
4th  Call 250,000 € Feb 2017 17th March 2017 17th April  2017
5th Call 150,000€ November 2017 5th January 2018 5th February 2018
Further possible calls 100,000€ To be decided <2 months after call <1 month after application closing deadline

The deadlines: 17 March 2017 and 5 January 2018

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